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American Swiss Musician

Joe Blaser


Thank you for visiting my website. I am an American-born musician whose father was of Swiss descent. I played over 50 years with my father’s “Kapelle Werner Blaser” band and developed a love for playing the traditional melodies and dance music composed by our friends from Switzerland.

I have been composing and performing Swiss Ländler Music for decades, but in my own style—which I describe as “Swiss with a Twist”.  This website is designed to showcase my sheet music and CD’s “Alles von Mir” (“All from Me”) and make them available to all who enjoy this style of music and find it interesting and appealing.

My years of studying music and developing my technique on accordion, piano, clarinet, and saxophones has led me to this creative format and the joy of composing and performing.  Feel free to explore my site as I am excited to share my love of Swiss Ländler Music with you! 


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