I am an American-born musician. My grandfather emigrated from Switzerland, and my father was 1st generation American Swiss—both men loved playing the music of their homeland, and this love was passed down to me and my children. I played over 50 years in my father’s “Kapelle Werner Blaser” and developed a love for playing “dances” (music for dancing), most of which was composed by our friends from Switzerland.

I have always composed and performed in this Swiss Ländler Music style, but now in my own way, which I call “Swiss with a Twist.” My composing was also influenced by the sounds of the Concert Band and Jazz Band music I taught during my 30-year music-teaching career, as well as decades of performances with my father’s Swiss band. I have always enjoyed performing and composing this Swiss Music, and in my heart and soul I will always “Play another Dance”.

Ländler Music originated in Switzerland. The standard instrumentation of a Swiss band or Kapelle, from the German-speaking part of Switzerland is usually comprised of 4 musicians who play a combination of string bass, piano, chromatic button accordion, Bb and C clarinets, and both soprano and alto saxophones.


Blaser Kapelle



Kapelle Blaser - Faver



Blaser Big Band



Kapelle Faver